Register and attend the NAKIVO webinar Q3 NAKIVO Partner Webinar: New Ransomware Recovery Features and Strategies and get a chance to win a $100 (€80, £70) Amazon eGift Card in a lucky draw during the webinar session.

Terms & Conditions

By participating in this Promotion (the “Promotion”), you hereby agree to abide by General Promotion Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”) available at and NAKIVO Privacy Policy available at (the “Privacy Policy”). If you do not agree with the Terms and/or Privacy Policy, do not participate in the Promotion.

Get a chance to win a USD 100, EUR 80, or GBP 70 Amazon eGift Card by participating in a lucky draw (the “Lucky Draw”) during the webinar Q3 NAKIVO Partner Webinar: New Ransomware Recovery Features and Strategies (the “Webinar”).

1. Promotion Period

Start date: 17 August, 2021.
End date: 16 September, 2021.

2. Eligible Participants

  • Only attendees of the Webinar are eligible to participate in the Promotion.
  • Attendees must use their business email address to register for the webinar.
  • Eligibility will be determined by NAKIVO at its sole discretion.

3. Promotion Requirements

  • Participants must use a business email address and enter the company name to participate in the Webinar and Promotion.
  • To obtain the Amazon eGift Card, register and attend the Webinar. Attendees are automatically entered into the lucky draw to be held during the Webinar session.
  • Participation in the Promotion is free. You do not need to make any purchases from NAKIVO to participate.
  • Winner will be announced at the end of the Webinar session for each time zone.
  • Only one winner shall be selected in the lucky draw for every Q3 Webinar session.
  • The lucky draw shall be performed using an independent tool to select a winner by random. The tool is provided by the BigMarker webinar platform. NAKIVO CANNOT influence the result of the lucky draw.

4. Amazon eGift Cards

  • Depending on the region, Eligible Participants may receive a USD 100, a EUR 80, or a GBP 70 Amazon eGift Card.
  • Each Eligible Participant (company) may receive only one Amazon eGift Card and may participate in the Lucky Draw only once. Participation in the Lucky Draw is limited to one employee and/or authorized representative of a company.
  • Amazon eGift Cards shall be sent to Eligible Participants who have fully met the Promotion Requirements.
  • The number of Amazon eGift Cards for the Promotion is limited to 1 for every Q3 NAKIVO Webinar session.
  • Amazon eGift Cards shall be sent to the Lucky Draw winner within two weeks from the Promotion End Date.

5. Information submitted

  • You hereby grant NAKIVO and its affiliates an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual license to use your survey responses in connection with improving, marketing, and/or selling NAKIVO’s products. Except as otherwise set forth herein, use of the information submitted in the Survey is governed by NAKIVO’s Privacy Policy.

6. Miscellaneous

In addition to the Terms, by participating in the Promotion, you agree that:

  • NAKIVO reserves the sole right to revise or cancel the Promotion at any time, for any reason, and without further notice.
  • NAKIVO is not responsible for registration errors; for lost, late, or misdirected entries; or telecommunication or computer hardware or software failures in connection with your participation.
  • NAKIVO reserves the right of refusal of any claim that, in the sole judgment of NAKIVO, does not meet the requirements or specifications outlined herein for Promotion eligibility and participation.
  • NAKIVO makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to the Survey or the use of the gift card including, without limitation, quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Participants are solely responsible for any costs, expenses, taxes, and customs fees due in connection with the gift card, its delivery, and its use.
  • NAKIVO expressly disclaims any and all liability relating to the results of any of its marketing plans or programs.
  • The Promotion cannot be combined or cumulated with any other NAKIVO offers, promotions, campaigns, or sales programs, if otherwise not determined by NAKIVO.
  • The Promotion is subject to applicable laws and regulations and void where prohibited.
  • The Promotion is available worldwide.


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