Free Data Protection for Virtual, Physical, Cloud and SaaS Environments

Protect your entire IT infrastructure with a single comprehensive solution

Get Started Fast

Get Started Right Away

Faster than anything you have tried

It takes just a single click and less than 60 seconds to install your new data protection solution. The rest of the product is just as simple: configure your settings and start your first backup in mere minutes!

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is inspired by a simple idea: data protection should be simple, complete and effective. With that in mind, NAKIVO delivers an all-in-one solution with enterprise-grade functionality and ease of use. You can perform all your data protection activities from the web-based dashboard, accessible anytime and anywhere – even from a mobile device.

Back Up and Replicate

Back Up and Replicate

Store business data where you want

The Free Edition contains all the features of the Pro edition with a limit of ten workloads and five Microsoft Office 365 accounts. In this case, a single workload can be a VMware VM, Hyper-V VM, Nutanix AHV VM, physical machine (1 server or 3 workstations), or Amazon EC2 instance.

Keep your backup data on storage devices and tape media or upgrade to Enterprise and send backups directly to supported public clouds (Amazon S3, Azure and Wasabi). Keep your backups immutable for as long as you need with the S3 Object Lock feature. If you need to restore data, you can perform a range of full and granular recoveries that are designed to retrieve exactly what you need, quickly and efficiently.

Download a Free Edition of NAKIVO Backup & Replication

Save Storage Space

Save Storage Space

Built-in features are there to help

The amount of data that you manage increases on a daily basis, as do your backups, taking up expensive space and resources that would be better used for production. To reduce backup size, the Free Edition of NAKIVO Backup & Replication automatically skips swap data; these unnecessary files are not read, processed, transferred and stored in the backup repository. 

To further reduce backup size, the Free Edition automatically deduplicates data across the entire backup repository, keeping only unique blocks of data. The deduplicated blocks are then compressed to reduce the space they consume even further. Combined, these data reduction technologies result in up to 30X less storage space needed for your backup data. The backups occupy minimal storage, but can be instantly booted when you need to recover data.

Instantly Recover What You Need

Recover What You Need

Anytime and anywhere

With the Free Edition’s web interface, you can manage all aspects of data protection at any time and from any place – even from a mobile device. NAKIVO Backup & Replication Free Edition is designed to instantly recover your machines, files, and application objects (Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, or SQL) as efficiently as possible. Cross-Platform Recovery allows for fast recovery of data from a VMware environment in Hyper-V and vice versa. Additionally, you can run VMware VMs directly from physical machine backups for instant P2V recovery.

Back Up and Replicate

Copy and Migrate VMs

Quickly, easily, in all directions

NAKIVO Backup & Replication’s Free Edition enables you to migrate and copy VMs between hosts or storage devices, even if they are located on standalone hosts, managed by different vCenter servers, or not connected. This is possible, thanks to the replication feature that allows you to create up to 30 recovery points which are represented by regular VMware snapshots of a VM replica. Hence, you can revert the VM state to the appropriate recovery point directly in the VMware interface that adds more universality. 

Installs Anywhere

Windows. Linux. NAS. VMware VA. Nutanix VA. AWS AMI.

Install on Windows

Install on Windows

One-click Windows installation

Install on Linux

Install on Linux

Single-command Linux deployment

Deploy as a VA

Deploy as a VA

Pre-configured VMware or Nutanix AHV VA

Deploy as AWS AMI

Deploy as AWS AMI

Pre-configured Amazon Machine Image 

Install on NAS

Install on NAS

Flexible installation on NAS devices

What do you get with the Free Edition?

Complete Protection

Protect data across platforms

Native, image-based, application-aware backup for VMware, Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV VMs, Amazon EC2 instances, Windows/Linux physical servers and workstations; SaaS backup for Microsoft Office 365; Oracle backup via RMAN.

Smaller VM Backup Size

Decrease recovery time

Instant recovery of VMs, files, and application objects (Exchange, Active Directory and SQL); automated VM failover and failback; near-instant P2V recovery.

Higher VM Backup Speed

Protect against ransomware

Immutable backups in local Linux-based repositories; deploy as a hardened virtual appliance with an immutable repository.

Guaranteed Recovery

Reduce backup size

Incremental backups with native change tracking technologies (CBT/RCT/CRT); exclusion of swap files and partitions, global backup deduplication, source-side deduplication with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, adjustable backup compression.

Shorter Recovery Time

Deploy in minutes

Deploy as a pre-configured VMware or Nutanix AHV VA or Amazon Machine Image (AMI); 1-click deployment on ASUSTOR, QNAP, Synology, NETGEAR, FreeNAS and WD NAS; 1-click Windows installer; 1-command Linux installer.

Easy Management

Ensure recoverability

Instant verification of VMs backups and replicas; store backup copies locally, offsite or in the cloud (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or Wasabi). Use S3 Object Lock to ensure that your backups are immutable and protected against ransomware.

Easy Management

Increase backup speed

LAN-free data transfer, network acceleration; up to 2X performance when installed on NAS.

Easy Management

Monitor VMware vSphere

Monitoring of CPU, RAM and disk usage of your hosts, VMs and datastores for better planning and performance.


The Free Edition of NAKIVO Backup & Replication includes licenses for 10 workloads and 5 Microsoft Office 365 accounts and is absolutely free for one year!

You can also try our 15-day Free Trial right now! The Free Trial has no feature or capacity restrictions and there is no credit card required.

More about features, pricing models, and editions can be found here.

Why Choose the Free Trial?  

On top of the Free Edition functionality, you also get:

  • Site Recovery – Create advanced disaster recovery workflows to recover workloads in just a matter of a few clicks.
  • Policy-Based Data Protection – Automate data protection for your virtual environments.
  • Active Directory Integration – Simplify user management by mapping AD user groups to user roles.
  • HTTP APIs – Integrate NAKIVO Backup & Replication with monitoring, automation and orchestration solutions.
  • Calendar Dashboard – Schedule routine backups to simplify backup administration and monitor completed and future tasks.
  • Global Search – Find any item in your inventory and browse through VM backups for quick granular recoveries.
  • Multi-Tenancy – Create multiple isolated tenants and provide BaaS and DRaaS to customers or partners.
Why Choose a Free Trial