"I have been using NAKIVO for about a month now. Setup was extremely simple and fast. I started my first backup less than an hour after beginning the NAKIVO installation on a fresh Linux server, no need to purchase a Windows Server license. I am saving backups to a local NAS server as well as a NAS server at my offsite data center. I also have a replication job that replicates a local server to an ESXi host at the offsite data center. I have successfully run several test restore jobs. So far, NAKIVO has performed flawlessly. Pros: Low cost, simple setup and management, reliable backup and restore, detailed reports sent via email, runs on Linux Cons: I'll update this post if I find any."


"We are using NAKIVO for over a year now and are very pleased with their product. Pros: First of all they provide great support and had with the few issues we had they always went out of their way to provide satisfactory solutions. It is very easy to setup and use. Also the multi-tenancy is great for hosted solutions. The low price is definitely also worth to mention, so you definitely will get your money's worth. Also they do provide regular updates and tend to add new features every few month. For small installations it is great that there is no need to setup a vCenter Server, it simply connects directly to an ESXi. Cons: There is no option to use external authentication or signed certificates. Support for NFS stores is only possible if you manually mount the NFS store on the appliance."

IT Admin

"The NAKIVO application provided a great alternative, easy to use, at more than half the cost of the competitor. Their support has been fast and great to work with for the minor backup issues that we encountered during the installation. Thank you!"


"We use NAKIVO for backing up the 10 school districts that we serve, plus our own servers. I wanted to find backup software that had the features we needed at a good price point. After buying the full version at a great price and using this software for a few months, I'm very pleased. The multi-tenancy option is nice for allowing our schools to log in and have access to their own offsite backups. I look forward to using this product more as this company grows and expands on this great software."


"We are using NAKIVO for more than one year now. It was the first product that solved the backup of our virtual machines with no problems. And for our questions the NAKIVO support responded timely and with accurate answers."


"NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a good usable software to back up and restore virtual machines. It is very easy to back up and restore machines and also single files. You can choose all configurations about a clear web interface."


"I am in sales and I have sold this product to a lot of my customers in small and large enterprises. Nakivo literally sells itself because potential customers can just go online and download the trial version to better understand what it does and how it works then make the decision to buy it afterwards. NAKIVO is a reliable product that's very easy to install and configure, customers do the installation on their own without any assistance from our technical guys. This is just a good stand out product, I've not had any complaints from my customers about it."


"I am a home-lab user and I have been using this product for a little bit now and I must say it is really great! It was so simple to setup and there were several options to choose from when downloading the server software such as using it on a Linux host Windows host or you can download a virtual appliance. I chose to go with the Linux setup and I was up and running in no time. I would definitely give this product a try."


"We've been using NAKIVO for a couple of years now and I have to say, I'd struggle to find fault with any of its features. It's incredibly easy to use and setup, and the support is great the very odd time we have a hiccup. We have it running on a server2008r2 VM on top of a VMWare 5 - 2 server cluster to manage all our VM backups. I have to say the setup works seamlessly. Some of the features which I've used to date which are worth a mention:
Interface - clean, simple, quick and intuitive, but with all the functionality you would expect. I don't think I've had to turn to a manual or support to work out how to do anything. It's straightforward to use and very well laid out.
Simple scheduling - We run a mix of daily and weekly incremental backups to both disk and RDX for off-site. All jobs are quick and easy to setup and maintain.
Restores - We're backing up a mix of centOS and Win2008r2 servers and to date have had great success in restoring both files/folders and full VM level backups from the win servers and full VM restores on the Linux ones. The restore functionality is a breeze and quick! We've spun up a 170gb production SQL server from a 7-day old backup (under pressure I should add!) and I was impressed at how easy it was. A few clicks, pointed to a data store with enough storage and you can set the VM to be powered on after recovery - change virtual hardware config on restore - generate new nic mac addresses etc and off it goes - it just worked!
Dedupe and compression - a quick example is our RDX cartridges we have for offsite. We use 500gb carts and on average with fast compression and dedupe set - we save around 70%, so get 1TB of data on a 300gb backup set with room to spare - not bad!
Support - I've only had a few dealings to date (a good thing) and the email communication has been fast and very helpful. Submitting support bundles directly from the web interface is a nice feature. To be honest most problems I've had to date have ended up being down to media or problems on the Windows OS side of things. Either way, the support guys were able to check out windows event logs in combination with their own support bundle logs and offer help to pinpoint the issue.
I can't mention much in the way of WAN/Cloud replication etc as we don't use any of this.
Apologies for the waffle - but its a really good product and doesn't get enough said about it online - so it gets my thumbs up!"


"We are currently using NAKIVO to backup our VMware vSphere infrastructure (and some free ESX servers). We choose NAKIVO because of its price (compare with other competitors!) and mainly as it offers several functionalities that we did not find on other tools:
- Back up Free ESX servers
- Run on Linux and Windows and full web UI.
- Multi-tenant. We ca give access to the backup with our customers
What we also really appreciate is the NAKIVO support reactivity and competence. We test Nakivo deeply during 2months and we had 1 issue link to our specific environment. We send our details to the support directly from the UI. We get an answer in minutes and a fix in hours. We now use it for 2 months in production with very good performance and stability. If you are looking for a professional tool to backup your VM, test it! You have a free version on Nakivo website for 1 month."