Service provider finds NAKIVO the most cost-effective solution for SMB data protection

Business Challenge

UPM protects dozens of VMs running Java applications as well as Oracle and SQL databases. "Our existing backup and replication product is a pain," said Alonso Satomayor, CEO at UPM. "First, it has a very cumbersome configuration because you need to install a VA in each ESXi host that you want to back up or replicate. Second, making a backup of even a single machine, utilizes a significant amount of server resources. Moreover, the product allows us to replicate only 3 VMs at the same time."

With the new release of vSphere, the existing product could not even run backup and replication, so its upgrade seemed inevitable. However, Alonso found that this might not be the best option. "With the current economic situation, price is very important to us and our SMB customers," he said. "The upgrade to the new version of our existing product is very expensive."


Since the upgrade of the existing product did not promise to solve all the issues and had a high price tag, Alonso decided to investigate all possible options. "We have evaluated the leading data protection offerings available on the market," he said. "From the price to value perspective, NAKIVO Backup & Replication beat every other product we have tried, and we have tried all the leaders."

NAKIVO Backup & Replication has delivered on UPM requirements. The product supports backing up and replicating VMs running live applications and databases, does not require installing VAs on protected servers, can process multiple VMs at the same time due to its multi-threaded architecture, and supports the latest version of vSphere.

"What was also critical for us is the ability to replicate to the same vCenter and even the same ESXi host," said Alonso. "We also liked the modern, web 2.0 interface that is by far the most informative and intuitive we have seen. This is important both to us and our customers who cannot spend time and resources on learning complex software." On top of that, UPM has gained the ability to extend their offering with backup to public clouds.


UPM has saved 50% of their data protection budget with NAKIVO Backup & Replication, and can now offer more competitive prices to their SMB customers as well as enjoy higher margins. Backup and replication speed has increased by 30%, and with deduplication - that has not even been an option previously - UPM has dramatically reduced space utilization. Time needed for data protection configuration and management has decreased tenfold.

Company Profile

Since 1996, UPM provides infrastructure administration services as well as web, virtual server, and email hosting for SMB clients in Santiago, Chile. UPM helps over 200 customers create and maintain their IT environments letting companies concentrate on business rather than on troubleshooting IT issues. As a service provider, UPM offers exceptional personalized services including virtual infrastructure backup and replication to remote destinations. For more information, visit